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An Iranian in Rome

Saghar is an Iranian food and photographer blogger. She tells us about the bet that took her to Italy, and about her life in between the two countries. video by Valerio Maggio

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How to get lost in Termini as a real loser

Finally subtitled in English, Marco Rudel shows us how to get lost in Termini. Marco is a young actor from Rome. He’s also the founder of the least popular youtube channel you will watch this week. But we strongly believe he’s just underestimated because he was not translated yet. So …

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Fish in raw, Parole per Cena IV

This time we talk about photography (that’s why the “raw” of the title) while eating.. raw fish. Our hosts are Claudio Palmisano, who edited pictures for as big clients as Time magazine and New York Times, and Michele Paradisi, a director of photography who traveled the world for his work. …

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Termini stories: life of Effe

Effe has been in this station for too long. She was part of that crowd that the station swallows in its labyrinth of tunnels, underpasses, and platforms. It’s unlikely for it to let you get away when you need her to survive. And Effe survived like many others who fill …

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April 25th in the station

We replayed a scene from a famous movie, but we did it in front of the station, as an invitation to join us on liberation day, April 25th. In fact, we do need to fight for our freedom: first of all that of filming, since there are some people who …

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