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“No, sis, I’m in carriage four, you’re in six. But don’t worry, I can spend three hours alone aon the train, I’ve got this huge book to read! I’ll see you directly at Termini Station.” “Ok, you’re right.” I leave my sister in her seat, thinking that she is 19 …

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The Black Suitcase

This is how my usual workday began at the Termini Station, among the stink of scorching asphalt and the piss of some vagabond that flowed on the street like the tear of a stranger. In the beginning I would position myself at the entrance, in front of the swarm of taxies that …

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Me and you it’s all a train

A few weeks ago we inaugurated a new blog on our website, we want to try to write down stories that happen to us, and that people tell us, (perhaps with the help of photos) to give importance back to words, which in the flow of video images can sometimes get lost. …

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Sofia Loren

-Hey there Sofia Loren, stop! I have to ask you something – Who me? Sofia Loren? – Do you see anyone else? – No, not really. Tell me. – Can I read your palm? I can really see things, you can trust me. – Hah hah…are you Neapolitan? – So …

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The scarf

He arrived at the station out of breath, tripping continuously on the scarf that he held in his hand. It was late at night and the lights of the building were splendid. But this only goes for those who have a bit of time to spare. For everyone else it’s just neon …

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Carlo, trains and windows

“Writing is sometimes rewriting” “Check it out,” thought Carlo, zipping up his trousers. “On trains even the writing on bathroom walls can be a trip. Even if, to tell the truth, I wouldn’t underestimate the charm of ‘337199697 – call me, I have three tits’ on the 916 bus to …

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