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To Fukushima to find out an inconvenient truth

Alessandro is an Italian filmmaker who embarked on a journey to Fukushima, in Japan, in order to find out what’s really happening there after the tragic nuclear accident following the March 12th, 2011 tsunami, the worst nuclear leak since Chernobyl. He made a documentary about it, you can find more …

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The blue angel of Termini

“I am an angel. I fly through the metro, under the street”, says Tiziana, Sicilian born traveler, or rather adventurer. “I squatted all my life, and I’m not ashamed of my body. Yesterday we had sex in three, it was beautiful. You want to see my body?” She goes around …

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Finally an Italian citizen

“Without an EU citizenship, I would have to get a visa even for my Erasmus application, despite being born in Italy“. Tiziana became Italian only on January 4th, because her stay permit was linked to that of her parents, Filipinos who moved to Rome in the late ’80s.

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