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Anirudh and Florence: India, Slovenia, and Italy

“My mother would not speak Italian with us because she was ashamed. It was the time of many Italian immigrants in France”, tells us Florence, a French of Italian origin, now living in Slovenia. She took Anirudh to the station of  Trieste, from where he was leaving for Venice. Both …

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The Armenian scientist in Trieste

Oksana is an Armenian experimental physicist with Ukrainian mother and Hungarian-Slovakian father. She moved to Trieste, Italy, to work on one of the only 4 such research labs in the world: the Elettra Synchrotron centre of Trieste.

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Trieste, trains and love

Ever been to Trieste? We’ll take you there, starting by its train station of course. We will feature a few stories about people in this little known city in the North East of Italy, bordering with Slovenia, and formerly crucial train station, due to its position next to what was once …

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Being gay (and happy) in Dubai

Phlong and Valentino are Filipino fashion workers living in Dubai, where they built up their career in a very competitive environment. Despite being gay – a sexual orientation considered “illegal” in the Arab Emirates – they’re happy to live there, and they’re not in a hurry to leave anytime soon.

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