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Me and you it’s all a train

A few weeks ago we inaugurated a new blog on our website, we want to try to write down stories that happen to us, and that people tell us, (perhaps with the help of photos) to give importance back to words, which in the flow of video images can sometimes get lost.
In this case we are leaving our usual editorial contributions to entrust ourselves to someone who is a writer by trade. Guido Catalano is a poet from Turin whom I met recently at a poetry festival in Ancona, La Punta della Lingua.

During the show Guido read a poem that takes place on a train, adding that for him trains are privileged places from which to observe humanity, relationships, and love stories. Even the text below speaks of love. This time, however, the story does not take place on a train, but the train is used as a metaphor of a path that is being taken.


“Me and you it’s all a train”


Me and you it’s all a train

it’s all a train me and you

young lady

a train of wonder

a train that whistles and flashes

And if we are lucky

does not derail

and the wind is always strong

and the storm rages

and the pissed off wolf howls

while all around the snow is turning to ice

and the bombs continue to fall in spring

a crazy thing in and of itself

like the vile idea that we stop kissing each other

Guido Catalano


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