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Sofia Loren

-Hey there Sofia Loren, stop! I have to ask you something

– Who me? Sofia Loren?

– Do you see anyone else?

– No, not really. Tell me.

– Can I read your palm? I can really see things, you can trust me.

– Hah hah…are you Neapolitan?

– So what? Are you saying that if I’m Neapolitan you can’t trust me?

-No, no absolutely not. I was only asking because I really like Naples.

-I bet. I like it too, but I haven’t seen it in ten years.

– Because I’m here, in Rome. At the station actually.

-And what do you do?

– Girl I ask the questions here.

– Well, how about I ask a few and you ask a few.

– First of all, stop talking like that because no matter how hard you try you are not Neapolitan.

– All right. Go ahead.

– Oh, I was almost forgetting.


– I’m not reading your future for free, as you say, do you have change?

-I have change, no worries.

-Good, let’s start. Your life line is long. A little crooked to be precise. I bet you didn’t do ballet when you were little.

-No, but what’s that got to do with anything?

-Never mind. You should be pretty satisfied, your health looks good.

-Wow, you are talented!

-Are you making fun of me?

-No, no, what’s next?

-Let’s do the head line.


-It’s broken.

-My head??

-No, the head line.

-Ah, is it serious?

-A little, but there’s a cure for it. Broken head line, you can google it, it means you have conflicting thoughts.

-Oh, tell me about it.

-Sure, you all say that. You should work on it actually.

-Really? But how?

-What do I know? It’s enough that I tell you the problem, the cure is up to you!

-Thanks, you’re a friend.

-Ok, now let’s see if the heart line is any better. Let me see, oh, no, nothing.

-Excuse me, nothing what?

-Hmm, nothing good, kid. I mean, you have a heart line, so you do have a heart.

-Well imagine that!

-Don’t be smart, you have to take action here! Like I was saying, the line is there, but the problem is that it is crossed by other lines.

-Because I’ve got lots of hearts?

-Yeah right, we’ve got Mother Teresa here! You’ve got one and you keep it covered up!

-Ok, so what does that mean?

-I don’t know. It happens often, you’re not special. Let me tell you, a little lipstick can help in these cases, not to butt in, but you’re a bit of a mess.

-What a sweetie you are, and I’m even about to give you some change!

-Hey, I read your palm, if you don’t like it, get mad at your hand. In any case, my work is done. That will be 5 euros, thanks.

-Good thing you talked about change! It’s ok though. Can I know who you are?

Haven’t you gotten it? I’m the station gypsy.

I live through other people’s lives and sometimes I forget mine.

I’ve got a thousand cards, but I still have to play the right one.

In the meantime, I’m here, among people coming and people going, waiting for my train, which sooner or later will arrive.


Marica Fantauzzi

sofia loren

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