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3 years of TerminiTV

On April 25th 2015 TerminiTV was born, out of a group of 8 people with the goal of renewing the narration of usually stereotyped people: foreigners, travelers, migrants, expats.. who are all these people? Just people we meet everyday in a train station. Train stations are a symbol of a public space where all our actions have a direct impact on others’ well being. That’s why we decided to investigate this space, even though it turned out to be much harder than we thought: no money, no permission to film, and no interest from Italian media. However, the project goes on, and still with the same goal: being inclusive, innovative, and serving the public interest, if not that of today’s public, that of tomorrow’s. That’s why we hope to celebrate many more birthdays, on a very special day for Italy, Liberation day, April 25th.

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