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Moving to Taiwan for love

“Tomorrow, June 24, I will leave for Taiwan for undetermined time, so as to live with my girlfriend, and probably get married pretty soon”. Our travel stories cannot avoid talking about the many Italians who leave their country looking for work abroad, since here it’s so difficult to find one. In this video, Gabriele tells us about his 2 year long experience in Australia, which ultimately caused his unpredictable move to Taiwan.

Grown in Ancona, and student in Bologna, he decided to go look for fortune and work in Australia, where he worked in a horrible Italian restaurant and later in a giant farm, where he would pick peppers and tomatoes. “Compared to how I was doing in Italy, where I couldn’t find work.. and women, in Australia I had plenty of work and women!”

A work search turns into a love story.

Life in the farm was hard, with up to 12 hours of work everyday. Most workers were girls from Hong Kong and Taiwan, with no working permit. At one point, after a month of abstinence, “looking like a rag”, Gabriele had a love at first sight with a Taiwan girl: “the legend goes that I stood up, and stared at her for full 5 minutes”.

After not seeing her for two weeks, they meet again and Gabriele does everything he can to conquer her heart. “I have never been good in courting girls.. I was never a latin lover, but that morning I did everything I could, and managed to conquer her in 2 hours”.

At the beginning, communicating was not easy: “She spoke zero English”, there was another Asian girl helping them, and also they were using the cellphone as a translator. Then they started going out on Sundays (the only free day) and got to know each other.

After the farm experience, he asked her to go move with him in Melbourne, and since then they have been living together. They came to Italy, where they stayed some months, but since they could not find any job, they decided to go live in Taiwan instead.

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