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Basel, three stations, three nations, one people (of migrants and travelers)

When we talk about a train station, we usually mean a crowded place, where locals, homeless, drunkards, commuters, tourists and middle class pass by each other without really talking to each other. It’s a space for individuals, sometimes small groups, but it’s definitely the ultimate place to meet – and usually move to the next destination.

The idea of TerminiTV is to reach out to the many people who silently walk in the stations, and have them talk to us, we want to know what’s in their mind, where they’re coming from, where they’re going.

Doing this in Rome is certainly interesting, but in order to understand your place better, you need to travel and compare, so that’s why we’re starting a series of videos featuring several stations, where any of you can actually contribute and pitching their own story.

The station is a theatre where the human happens, where commercial activities stand side by side the drunkards looking for one more beer (yes, also Swiss stations can be full of drunkards). So, where better to start telling a story of a city, if not starting by its train station?

And where better to start than Switzerland, the country of efficient train system?

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