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TerminiTV Project

TerminiTV is an online channel dedicated to the major station of Rome, and to the area around it. We describe this space, as a place of transit, through the narration of stories by those who live, work, or pass by the station.

The main concept of the project is that of migration as something that all humans can understand, and could experience. From immigrants to expats, the station represents a place where different migrants pass by next to each other. Many times, the station is the final destination of those whose migration didn’t go well. However, our goal is not to focus only on the many who live outside of society, but rather to portray society through the lens of a station, as a theatre where all human drama, of different kinds, take place. We don’t want to talk about marginalised people, we try to show society in its different layers.

Termini is an example, a symbol of modern globalization next to the ancient ruins of Roman thermal spa (Termini comes from the word “thermae”). Termini is a perfect spot for observing and interacting.

Our project is unique in terms of cooperation among professionals in different fields (journalism, video, photos, etc.) aimed not only at social issues, but at portraying an area as a whole. In order to do this, we follow the guidelines of the Media Inclusiveness Index, as elaborated by the Council of Europe and supported by the CMFE (Community Media Forum Europe). These require that any interviewee or subject of a media piece is not interviewed or shown because of belonging to a certain minority (ethnic, religious, sexual, etc.) but as part of society. We don’t want to tell stories within ghettos, even when these ghettos have been designed with the idea of integrating minorities. Our minorities are mixed in the whole and should not been reckoned as minorities. Each one is an individual, with his-her own story.

TerminiTV will try to find these stories, narrated by the people we find. Stories of traveling or commuting, journeys made for love, or memories of places visited once upon a time. We use multimedia tools to spread the stories and hope to create a sort of digital library of stories, trying to recreate a community through story telling. A community not based on ethnic or national principles.

The theme of migration and traveling will also be explored through Termini Underground, a show about a dance school based under the train station. Most of its dancers are of foreign origin, but they are part of the new Rome, a multicultural, contemporary city next to ancient ruins.

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  1. Interessante, nuovo, particolare, veloce, esclusivo.
    Una cosa simile ma abbastanza diversa, perché in tutt’altro contesto sociale oltre che fisico, è stato, se non ricordo male “Specchio segreto” di Nanni Loy, che cercava di raccontare storie o momenti di comunicazione tra alcune persone dentro un vagone di un treno, raccontati o colti da una telecamera nascosta.
    Fu una cosa mai vista che colpì l’opinione pubblica senz’altro in senso positivo e fece emergere punti di vista, opinioni, storie, che altrimenti non sarebbero emerse con quella naturalezza con la quale vennero raccontate allora che erano gli anni 70 e ancora si era lontanissimi da una facile comunicazione in tutti i sensi.
    Tanti in bocca al lupo a questo bellissimo progetto, che ha tutti i fondamenti per poter essere una cosa grande e straordinaria.

    • Grande Fiorisa, non sai quanto ci fa piacere questo tuo commento! Perché ci siamo ispirati a Nanni Loy, sia per “specchio segreto” che per il film “Café Express” con un grandioso Nino Manfredi. Grazie ancora, un abbraccio.

      • Ricordo bene anche “Café Express”. La storia grottesca del protagonista, che vende caffe dentro i vagoni del treno, ci fa capire come con intelligenza, arguzia, un pizzico di fantasia e un giusto approccio comunicativo, si possa affrontare la vita. Forza e coraggio! Un abbraccio e buon lavoro!!!!!!!

  2. Bravissimi,sono un vagamondo,organizzo eventi sociali in provincia,Roma nord,Morlupo,dove abito.
    Se vi può essere utile,contattatemi.

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