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That long, crazy platform 29

What would happen if you met a traditional music group in the station? Maybe a crazy guy will pop in. And if somebody else pop in as well? Termini, love and chaos hub. This is our motto. Anything can happen here. This is the meaning of “atopos”, the unpredictable. You can start with a concert, be interrupted by a crazy street comedian and end up talking with an old woman living inside the train station for years.

Let’s start with the station: everybody travel, in a way or another, and they tell us their traveling experience, as something that has built their character and attitude. That’s why we host on this website travel accounts of all sorts, that don’t necessarily include trains, or Termini, or Italy even

Second point: we use Termini as a stage, where all sorts of people pass by, like Rudelio, the comedian that appears in this video. His appearance reminds us what Termini is for most romans: a place of poverty, isolation, degradation. This is our way to keep reality afloat, what we perceive as reality, the decay of Termini, as the background of our endeavor. We know very well that Termini is full of thieves, prostitutes, or even of human trafficking (as in the recent CNN report about Egyptian kids smuggling in Termini) but that doesn’t mean that Termini is only that.

Third point: Termini is also an often overcrowded place where some residents have been living within the same walls for years and decades. Like Maria, the old woman in the video who comes out of her house inside the huge building with the sign Roma Termini. Who would think that in that building some people actually live? How many stories could they tell us? We talk with them on a regular basis, try to create a relationship with them, without forcing them to appear in the camera. We’re not just journalists trying to exploit people in order to get our stories, we take what we can take, little by little, gaining their trust and not deceiving them. Of course, our goal is to have more and more of them on camera, so you can enjoy their stories as we do.

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  1. Congratulations Francesco!!! Your stories are down-to-earth..you’re showcasing people from all walks of life—authentic people who have their own journeys to make or continue, struggle with, or just make do because that’s/those are the only ones they have..keep up your project/s!!

  2. Thank you Catherine! Thanks for following, more, and better stuff coming soon =)

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