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A Ghost City

Seven walks at night, exploring Rome and its hidden ghosts. This is “A Ghost City”, that the art collective Stalker – No Working organised for the 40th anniversary of “Estate Romana”(Roman Summer). Here’s a video made by TerminiTV’s founder Francesco Conte. 

From “A Ghost city” website: “Seven blind meetings to gather and go out together with those in August cannot go to sleep or does not have a bed to sleep on, with those just arrived and who just came back from holidays, with who made no holidays, with those who do not speak a word of Italian and those who does not comprehend a word of English, with those who do not know where the hell is she/he and those who know not one single stone of the neighborhood, in the end with anybody who has the pleasure and the curiosity to meet the “Other”.
Inhabitants, Migrants, Artists and Tourists, people always different, unexpected, a formation in reciprocal continuous formation, where anybody will have the chance to learn and teach something to the others, by finding the courage to say something, to make a gesture, to put himself or herself in the game and maybe dance or chant, let themselves go in the choral and creative collective flow.”

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