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Among the first No Tav activists

“Tav” stands for “high speed railway”, and here lies the first – intended – misunderstanding. The Tav actually has little to do with high speed, but rather with high capacity, in terms of freight trains. The idea for this construction, which comprises of a 57 km long tunnel between France and Italy, started in the early 1990’s, in times of economical growth.

50% of the freight transport has been lost in the last 2 decades, and protests against the Tav construction have been widespread for years, until a final decline in the recent times, when evidently the No Tav protesters have been abandoned by media and politicians. Yet, we think the No Tav protests are an interesting case to study in terms of how the State reacts to peaceful protesters, and how it’s impossible for a State like ours to actually come to terms with the protesters, because it would already mean admitting a failure on behalf of the State.

We’re talking of a construction without an accountable cost, ranging between 8.6 and 16 billions (its double!), without any sort of transparent report on its progress. There are many shades in the Tav, yet it’s not our task to unveil these shades, but rather to hear the eyewitnesses of a two decade long struggle.

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