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The most controversial neighborhood of Berlin: Kotti

Joseph is a Canadian-Italian author living in Berlin, we meet him near Kottbusser Tor also known as Kotti. Kotti is “the centre of the ertswhile-radical SO36 district in Kreuzberg. The surrounding kiez of immigrant housing, punk bars, gay clubs and halal eateries is diminutive, but packs a punch of contrasts. And it has something to say about multiculturalism and tolerance in Germany”, says Joseph. In 5 minutes you will discover all the must know things about Kotti.

“The complex of apartments on the north side of the square, the Neue Kreuzberger Zentrum (NKZ), built in the 1970s, is populated in the majority by families originating from poorer regions of Turkey. Its facade is covered with satellite dishes, attesting to the cultural and linguistic ties to the home country. It’s also a sign of exclusion from German life”, writes Joseph in his blog, which is how we found him.
video: Fran Atopos

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