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In the station in Yerevan, Armenia

Horovel” is the song that helps prepare the peasants for their work, it’s a mix of the exclamation ho and the word “aravel”Aravel is the section of land that separates two parcels of land, an area that is not cultivated. It is the spot where, after finishing the task, the oxen, and the plougher, have their rest. The worker, as the one who is expected to inspire the oxen to work on, uses the ho exclamation to encourage the oxen as he cultivates the land. Often, he uses the word aravel, in anticipation of the rest that soon awaits them. This is the song that the director of the Armenian Railway Museum in Yerevan Nikoghayos Ter-Karapetyan sings for us with emotion and seriousness, in the hall of Yerevan’s train station in February 2017. 

Thanks to the Div-a project by the Council of Europe for getting TerminiTV in touch with Urbanista, a young magazine in Yerevan which collaborated on this and other videos we made in Armenia. The story of railways in Armenia is also the story of conflict, borders, abandonment, we also made a story about the abandoned railways in Dilijan, you can see it here. 

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