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September 11th, a memory from Grand Central Station, New York

Our Marica Fantauzzi and Pietro Costanza met in New York City this summer, and she introduced him to her uncle, Angelo Cocciolillo, an Italian American fireman who remembers very well that 9/11 of 15 years ago. Soon a video story about it as well.

On September eleventh fifteen years ago I was off from work. I was in a cafe in Manhattan. There was a television in the corner of the place. There I saw the first plane crash into the first tower. After realizing that it wasn’t the usual catastrophic American movie, I left the cafe and ran to join my co-workers. I arrived as the second tower crumbled before my eyes. The victims were 2974, of whom 343 firefighters like me. We extracted dead bodies, yes, bodies of at least 90 different nationalities. But thinking back after 15 years, it’s the faces of the people we saved that emerge from the tragedy. Hundreds of women, men and children who clung to our hands in order to cling onto life. There was a light even there.

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