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The Chinese and the Nigerian at Perugia railway station

Three continents at one coffee table.

Perugia is an international little city, home to the University for Foreigners, this Umbrian town is at the centre of Italy, among beautiful Appennines. This week it will be home to a Journalism festival, where our founder, Italian journalist Francesco Conte, is participating to the presentation of a project called Div-a, organised by the Council of Europe. More info here.

This interview takes place in Perugia, at the Sant’Anna railway station, the only one in Perugia near the city centre. Albeit very small, there’s still a chance to meet different kinds of travelers, which ultimately is our goal, in order to show that migration is a general feature of all humans, for peculiar personal reasons, framed within a constant need of mobility in our societies.

Video: Fran Atopos

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