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Railway station memories in Tata, Hungary

Anna is an English teacher and journalist who was born in Hungary, where she cherishes most of her childhood memories in the small town of Tata. Here, in Tata’s railway station, she shares some personal stories about her family house, where her grandfather used to hide citizens of Jewish origin, to help them avoid being sent to concentration camps. Also, Anna tells us of the time when she and her family moved to the U.K., in an era of significant migration from Hungary. A migration that has never truly ended, due to the poor economical context of the country, which however is at the frontline of a racist movement against migrants, as we also covered in a special video some time ago, which you can watch here. It’s recent news that the Hungarian Parliament approved a law allowing the local authorities to substantially jail refugees in containers, in a move labeled as “pro-security” for the country, but giving in to a social hatred and division which remind of a dark past not too far away in time, when Hungary was occupied by foreign forces. Therefore we would like to remember that many families in Hungary have memories like the one of Anna, memories of hard times when the Hungarians had to leave, and memories of generosity, when the Hungarians tried to save Jewish, gay and communist citizens from forced deportation. We appeal to this pride of being an old nation, a nation that was occupied and unjustly vilified, we appeal to the Hungarians’ sense of justice and progress, so that they stand up firmly against this rampant racism which is causing unjustified hatred toward Muslim minorities and refugees.

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