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Storytelling in train stations: Umbria special

Today I joined a class called Sunrise film walk, organised by visual journalist Robb Montgomery  at the International Journalism festival in Perugia. Our task was to create a short video in half an hour, so I decided to go to the nearest railway station, Perugia Sant’Anna, where trains have been substituted by buses. Along with young colleague Francesca Prandelli, we talked with a butcher who’s sad he can’t see anymore trains, his lifetime passion. This was the original story, and we brought it back to Montgomery.

“So we’ve got a story about this guy who loves trains so much and he’s sad trains don’t pass there anymore”

“Go deeper, explain why they don’t pass anymore”, was his answer.

We chose then to spend the rest of the morning exploring three neighboring stations, and we again found stories of migration, which is our main topic. The migration of two young Gambians who reluctantly let us accompany them from one station to another. And the migration of a young Roman artist who decided to quit the big city and go settle down in his family hometown, Umbertide.

This video is made in a few hours, and is part of a visual storytelling experiment, but it’s also a hint to what Refugee Tracks could be, if the crowdfunding succeeds. Stories of change, stories of places, stories of how people live and leave. 





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