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Refugee Tracks, TerminiTv’s first crowdfunding campaign


We have been looking at crowdfunding campaigns failing badly, in Italy. We didn’t want TerminiTV to fail as well, which is why we decided we’d use crowdfunding only if we had one very good, sharp idea. So here it is: we will go follow the railway tracks on the borders of Italy (click for crowdfunding link), trying to narrate migrations in an innovative way, and we need your help to do that.

Migrations, stations and borders, this is “Refugee Tracks”, a web documentary in 5 episodes, dedicated to the railways serving as borders, and the stories behind them. We all watched the footage of trains deporting prisoners to Auschwitz, as we all witness modern migrations and the perils of migrants along the tracks (in the Balkans, as in Italy or in Mexico, among others). Tracks are the easiest footprints to follow for people who don’t know the area, and many migrants actually die every year, run over by trains. To honor their memory, and that of all the migrants who followed tracks for decades, we launch “Refugee Tracks”, a unique look onto Italian borders and how they changed in time.

TerminiTV is an online channel dedicated to the narration of people we encounter in railway stations. We already produced more than 400 videos already, all viewable online for free, as we are an independent channel with no sponsor or ownership. This is why we’re asking for your help now, so that we can take you where few people go, in order to discover little known stories behind everyday’s headlines.

We will start our journey at the eastern borders, that actually served as a door between the Communist block and the Western world: Trieste, Nova Gorica and the forgotten tracks of the times when Italy wanted to become a colonial power. We will then go on through Tarvisio, Brennero and other mountain passes, all the way to the North Western border with France. There we will explore the story of how train tracks changed drastically there, in order to reflect new borders Italy and France had agreed on. New borders where migrants have started to perish again today, in the darkness of train tunnels and with not even an ID to prove they actually did exist.

Francesco Conte

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