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The street is for “different” people

Roberto has always lived on the street, even his father was a homeless, but for him it’s still a choice: “I don’t like to live like the ‘normal’ people. I prefer to save the money I’d spend on the rent, and organise myself on the street instead”.

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Among the first No Tav activists

“Tav” stands for “high speed railway”, and here lies the first – intended – misunderstanding. The Tav actually has little to do with high speed, but rather with high capacity, in terms of freight trains. The idea for this construction, which comprises of a 57 km long tunnel between France …

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TerminiTV Project

TerminiTV is an online channel dedicated to the major station of Rome, and to the area around it. We describe this space, as a place of transit, through the narration of stories by those who live, work, or pass by the station. The main concept of the project is that …

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