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stories from outstanding travelers and residents we meet in a station

The Rail Whale

TerminiTV needs your help. We are making a documentary about Termini, including footage filmed in these 4 years, always for free, always with a free mind. This is a 3 minute anticipation, where you can start feeling the vibe of what TerminiTV is about.  If you like to watch the …

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Among the first No Tav activists

“Tav” stands for “high speed railway”, and here lies the first – intended – misunderstanding. The Tav actually has little to do with high speed, but rather with high capacity, in terms of freight trains. The idea for this construction, which comprises of a 57 km long tunnel between France …

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Igiaba and Termini’s hidden colonialism

Who knows what that obelisk is about? Anybody has an idea why the square in front of Termini is called like that? Igiaba Scego unveils a bit of history about it. Igiaba Scego is an Italian author or Somali origin. She wrote, among others, “Denied Rome” and “Adua”, where Termini …

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Alessandro Politi talks to us about the suicide of Europe

Geopolitics expert Alessandro Politi, explains how migration (and terrorism) are far from being the real problems for Europe. A resident of the area next to Termini, Politi is an immigrant himself, a mix of Southern Italy and Southern Germany. “We have become an increasingly ungrateful country”, Politi says, “and the …

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Sex, holes and bananas

Yes, the title is a bit misleading, but in fact it’s quite accurate about the content of the interview. But first of all, let’s explain the context of the video and of our “coming out” on mainstream media. We’ve been on media attention lately, thank you, but that’s not our …

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Romans by chance: expats or migrants

It’s going to be weird to watch this video, with interviews ranging from February to now: homeless and expats together in one video. Because migration is not only for poor people, everybody migrates for different reasons. Certainly, if you come from a war torn area, and you’re black, chances are …

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