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The Rail Whale

TerminiTV needs your help. We are making a documentary about Termini, including footage filmed in these 4 years, always for free, always with a free mind. This is a 3 minute anticipation, where you can start feeling the vibe of what TerminiTV is about. 

If you like to watch the 10 minute version, here it is, as edited by the Chinese filmaker Li Zhang.

Homeless, travelers, artists, residents encountered along the road speak their mind on camera, as the station becomes more and more controlled. Filming in the train station is not even allowed, and the TerminiTv group is kicked out of a small studio under the train platform, where also street dancers used to train. This is “The Rail Whale”, where many people get trapped everyday, while others just pass by. Thanks to everyone who contributed so far, and please, if you can support us with a donation, please get in touch via email [email protected]

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