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Aurica, Italian from Moldavia

“I used to hate Rome and Italy, until I came back from my Erasmus in Paris, that’s when I started to appreciate the country I lived in”, tells us Aurica, a Moldavian born Italian activist and social worker that Francesco Conte interviewed in Termini for the Ymobility series. 

YMOBILITY is the first project to provide a comparative overview of the major youth mobility pathways for students, skilled and ‘unskilled’ workers, and the characteristics of these pathways in terms of temporalities and motivations. Moreover, the project tries to provide a systematic overview of the different socio-economic characteristics and also psychographic characteristics of mobile and non-mobile youth.
YMOBILITY provides the first comprehensive comparative, quantitative and qualitative study of the economic, social and cultural outcomes of youth mobility. One of the aims of the project is to define appropriate methodologies and to implement ad hoc methods of research, previously defined, for exploring aspects of youth mobility that cannot be studied through existing secondary data.

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