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What do you think of Marino? Voxpop in Termini

“He’s like one of those football players who didn’t touch a ball. You can’t judge him because he did too little”. Ignazio Marino, the mayor of Rome, recently resigned, amidst rumors of over-spending for his most recent trip to the USA, where he reportedly used the Municipality’s credit card for personal expenses.

Frustration among Romans is evident, but the interesting thing about asking people about political matters in Termini is that many people around the station are not originally Italians, so they have a different, less partisan view on politics. Most of the time though, this view is drastically similar to some Italians: “I don’t trust politics and I don’t have any hope in government”.

It’s the tropicalization of a people that has been used to think of itself as part of the democratic solution, and instead is growing more and more aware that only money makes politics, not viceversa. “I have been here 12 years”, says a young Romanian, “but getting into politics is ugly. I have never talked with any Roman here, except for the workers, and you now”.

Is politics something for a few residents only? And is that why its solutions are not efficient anymore?

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