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Fatima, a black Italian

In Italy if you’re black you’re automatically thought of as “non Italian”. It’s the case of Fatima, for example, who, despite being of Ivory Coast heritage, is sometimes treated as a foreigner. However, you just need to hear her speak to understand that she is 101% Italian, and that Italian doesn’t mean we should all look the same – and in fact we don’t already.

In the year 2017 so many youths who were born or who grew up in Italy,  are still not recognized as Italians. We find it shameful, and that’s why we stand firmly on the side of the 800.000 people in this legal limbo, where their citizenship doesn’t depend on where they grow up, but on the “blood” of their parents. A completely racist law which goes by the name of “ius sanguinis” (law of the blood”) as opposed to “ius soli” (law of the land). If ius sanguinis makes it easy for Brazilians or Argentinians of Italian heritage to get Italian citizenship – and we have nothing against that – we don’t see why someone who spent most of their lives here should not be having Italian citizenship. Yet, after months – and years – of discussions on the topic, the Italian Parliament still didn’t find the time (!!) to bring about a solution for this enormous amount of people waiting in line for their right to be citizens. 

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