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From Moldova to Italy

TerminiTV these days is in Romania, near Brasov, for a week long education event called Online education camp, organised by a bunch of upcoming geeks from Moldova, Georgia and other Eastern European countries. So, in honor to Moldova and to Romania, and to all Eastern Europe, we publish a video about Tatiana, a Moldovan woman who tells us some of her life story directly from Roma Termini railway station, where we make most of our videos. This time in a specific spot of the square Piazza dei Cinquecento, listen to her explain why.

 Also, stay tuned for our Romanian video, which we will be filming on August 15th somewhere in Romania.. 

Francesco Conte




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  1. Mah….mi spiace molto per tutti,pero io penso, nessuno ti ha costretto,e la libera scelta…mi fa arrabbiare,quando si lamentano…..

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