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Slam poet in Termini

Ladies and gentleman, here is one of the best slam poets in Rome at the moment, Giovan Bartolo Botta, performing for us in front of Termini station.

We’ve been having some hard time online. Our crowdfunding isn’t going well, the views don’t grow as fast as we would wish, there’s still no money, no funds, no sponsors, no permission to film. But, alas, we don’t give up, and indeed we bet higher. We get out of the internet, expanding TerminiTv into new realms and collaborations, first of all, that with Giovan Bartolo Botta, slam poet from the Northern town of Cuneo. 

With Giovan Bartolo we started organising a series of events with several guests and lost of creative madness. On other fields, we began collaborating with art collective Stalker, based in Rome, about the spaces of hospitality in the urban landscape. We were invited to Paris to present our project at Perou, ecole de situation, thanks to Stalker, and several other opportunities are coming up. If you know groups, galleries, associations that would like to collaborate or feature our work, let us know.

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