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Goodbye Rome, I cannot leave Berlin

For the Ymobility series, in collaboration with “La Sapienza” University, here is the case of Dario, who owns a club in Berlin, after years living in Rome. There are almost 5 million Italians living abroad on a stable basis, that is, 8% of Italians are immigrants, especially to northern European countries like Germany, where they often benefit of social welfare too, by the way. 

However, evidently Italians could be considered expats rather than immigrants, which ultimately shows that equality in citizenship is a far off goal. Or is it a goal at all? Instead of trying to help develop new democracies, like in Tunisia, Italy has recently signed an agreement with Libya which denies substantial human rights to African migrants passing by Libya on the way to Europe. “Italians in Germany are still living within EU borders”, someone could argue, but however EU borders are a new invention, and Tunisia – just one example – was part of the ancient Roman borders just like today’s Germany was. Also, the name of the protagonist of this video, Dario, is of Persian origin, which again shows passports’ colors don’t say the whole story, and that the Mediterranean has long been a neighborhood, before it turned into a graveyard for migrants, and a border for so called Fortress Europe. So we hope to see more Dario’s anywhere in the world, as part of a broader human community where mobility is a right for all.

Francesco Conte

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