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Opa opa, Balkanik duo live in TerminiTV

OPA OPA aka INVASIONI BALCANICHE is a project born in 2011 in Rome when the poet/performer Jonida Prifti (Albania) meets the musician/producer Iva Stanisic (Serbia). At the beginning they make parties and musical selections of traditional and modern tunes from their countries including pop, hip hop, turbo folk and tallava.

video: Fran Atopos

The aim of the project is to play with historical and cultural ambiguities and misunderstandings between the two countries of origin, but also to point out the similarities in art, customs and traditions. They also try to ironize with their status of immigrants and the impact with italian culture. In 2015, they decide to produce their own songs inspired by the sound of their countries, and begin to perform live under the name of OPA OPA at festivals and music events such as “Kiss & Go” (Swiss Insitute), “Short Theater” (Macro-Pelanda), etc. They both have different individual side projects, Jonida with Acchiappashpirt (sound poetry) and Iva with Yva & The Toy George (pop, electronic) Their first EP “Buongiorno Italia” is about to get released on 45 rpm for Filibusta Records.

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