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In the station in Yerevan, Armenia

“Horovel” is the song that helps prepare the peasants for their work, it’s a mix of the exclamation ho and the word “aravel”. Aravel is the section of land that separates two parcels of land, an area that is not cultivated. It is the spot where, after finishing the task, the oxen, and the plougher, …

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The abandoned railway of Dilijan, Armenia

Dilijan, Armenia, one of the most visited towns in the Caucasian country, where TerminiTv founder Francesco Conte explored the forgotten story of an abandoned railway. Thanks to some locals, he got in touch with a woman who was working at Dilijan railway station before it was shut down. Here’s her …

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The Armenian scientist in Trieste

Oksana is an Armenian experimental physicist with Ukrainian mother and Hungarian-Slovakian father. She moved to Trieste, Italy, to work on one of the only 4 such research labs in the world: the Elettra Synchrotron centre of Trieste.

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