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Fatima, a black Italian

In Italy if you’re black you’re automatically thought of as “non Italian”. It’s the case of Fatima, for example, who, despite being of Ivory Coast heritage, is sometimes treated as a foreigner. However, you just need to hear her speak to understand that she is 101% Italian, and that Italian doesn’t …

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Today I was granted Italian citizenship

“Being granted a citizenship is something I realised only recently. That means I could have also been refused? How is that possible, since I lived 21 out of my 25 years, in this country?” Juru is a new Italian citizen, we met him in Termini, where he passes by everyday …

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Citizenship for immigrants’ children? Or not?

Something is changing in Italy, finally. Up to now, Italian citizenship has been given based on the “ius sanguinis” rather than the “ius soli”, meaning that a descendant of an Italian who has never lived in Italy can apply for citizenship, while if you’re born in Italy, but from foreign …

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