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Choosing a life: scientist or musician?

Edoardo is an astrophysics researcher, but he’s also a musician. We meet him in Torino Porta Nuova railway station, where he plays hang drum for us, along with his girlfriend Ekaterina dancing to his rhythm. After years working as a scientist, he’s wondering how he can combine his two passions, …

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Opa opa, Balkanik duo live in TerminiTV

OPA OPA aka INVASIONI BALCANICHE is a project born in 2011 in Rome when the poet/performer Jonida Prifti (Albania) meets the musician/producer Iva Stanisic (Serbia). At the beginning they make parties and musical selections of traditional and modern tunes from their countries including pop, hip hop, turbo folk and tallava. …

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That long, crazy platform 29

What would happen if you met a traditional music group in the station? Maybe a crazy guy will pop in. And if somebody else pop in as well? Termini, love and chaos hub. This is our motto. Anything can happen here. This is the meaning of “atopos”, the unpredictable. You can …

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