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Slam poet in Termini

Ladies and gentleman, here is one of the best slam poets in Rome at the moment, Giovan Bartolo Botta, performing for us in front of Termini station. We’ve been having some hard time online. Our crowdfunding isn’t going well, the views don’t grow as fast as we would wish, there’s still …

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Me and you it’s all a train

A few weeks ago we inaugurated a new blog on our website, we want to try to write down stories that happen to us, and that people tell us, (perhaps with the help of photos) to give importance back to words, which in the flow of video images can sometimes get lost. …

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Sleeping in Termini

Each night we go under the porticos and after the night is consumed in a flash of lights and…the night consumes us, you know? Don’t think that it’s time to rest. Our day, those of us who are here, who are seen and unseen in the crowd, doesn’t have common …

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