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Limbo after prison

“I am in the 26th year here. I came thanks to a scholarship, then I started having economical difficulties.. I started selling drugs, until I ended up in jail. Once you get in jail, you enter a vicious circle, it’s hard to get out it. When your term is finished, …

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The Rail Whale

TerminiTV needs your help. We are making a documentary about Termini, including footage filmed in these 4 years, always for free, always with a free mind. This is a 3 minute anticipation, where you can start feeling the vibe of what TerminiTV is about.  If you like to watch the …

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“No, sis, I’m in carriage four, you’re in six. But don’t worry, I can spend three hours alone aon the train, I’ve got this huge book to read! I’ll see you directly at Termini Station.” “Ok, you’re right.” I leave my sister in her seat, thinking that she is 19 …

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The scarf

He arrived at the station out of breath, tripping continuously on the scarf that he held in his hand. It was late at night and the lights of the building were splendid. But this only goes for those who have a bit of time to spare. For everyone else it’s just neon …

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Silence, story of a fight on a train

They got on at the Roma Ostiense stop one after the other, in silence. Both of them were looking down and, in silence, they sat down before the train left for Fiumicino. Then he opened a book and his eyes began to read quickly. I saw them following the words. …

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Yesterday morning I finally saw Michelina again. If I had looked for her years ago, I would not have had to travel far to find her, she was always at the third or fourth “window” of the station, that’s how she called the glass walls of Termini that face Piazza …

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