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What do you think of Marino? Voxpop in Termini

“He’s like one of those football players who didn’t touch a ball. You can’t judge him because he did too little”. Ignazio Marino, the mayor of Rome, recently resigned, amidst rumors of over-spending for his most recent trip to the USA, where he reportedly used the Municipality’s credit card for personal …

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Igiaba and Termini’s hidden colonialism

Who knows what that obelisk is about? Anybody has an idea why the square in front of Termini is called like that? Igiaba Scego unveils a bit of history about it. Igiaba Scego is an Italian author or Somali origin. She wrote, among others, “Denied Rome” and “Adua”, where Termini …

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Romans by chance: expats or migrants

It’s going to be weird to watch this video, with interviews ranging from February to now: homeless and expats together in one video. Because migration is not only for poor people, everybody migrates for different reasons. Certainly, if you come from a war torn area, and you’re black, chances are …

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The Roma in Roma (Termini)

Everybody talks about them, everybody complains about them, some people defend them no matter what. But who is this “them”? They’re called Roma, and they’re on the news all the time for the same reason. You will find them in most stations in Europe, even though they originally come mostly …

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Termini, how do tourists feel about it?

What do tourists feel about Termini, when they arrive? We tried a ask a few. For most travelers arriving to Italy, Roma Termini is the first place they see, but still they don’t visit it, because it’s “just” a station. They’re still on the travel adrenaline, or maybe just worrying …

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