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Among pro Duterte Filipinos in Rome

Originally published on our weekly feature on Italian magazine Internazionale, a short reportage by TerminiTV founder Francesco Conte, about a group of Filipino political enthusiasts who support Philippines’ new President, Rodrigo Duterte, all the way from Rome, Italy. Please see the Italian version of this page for a full article …

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Sicilian with almond eyes

Elvira was adopted when she was only 12 days old, and she’s one of the founders of “Questa è Roma”, an association dedicated to youths of foreign origin living in Rome. video: Valerio Maggio

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Finally an Italian citizen

“Without an EU citizenship, I would have to get a visa even for my Erasmus application, despite being born in Italy“. Tiziana became Italian only on January 4th, because her stay permit was linked to that of her parents, Filipinos who moved to Rome in the late ’80s.

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Citizenship for immigrants’ children? Or not?

Something is changing in Italy, finally. Up to now, Italian citizenship has been given based on the “ius sanguinis” rather than the “ius soli”, meaning that a descendant of an Italian who has never lived in Italy can apply for citizenship, while if you’re born in Italy, but from foreign …

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