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Slam poet in Termini

Ladies and gentleman, here is one of the best slam poets in Rome at the moment, Giovan Bartolo Botta, performing for us in front of Termini station. We’ve been having some hard time online. Our crowdfunding isn’t going well, the views don’t grow as fast as we would wish, there’s still …

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Goodbye Rome, I go back to Bangladesh

For the Ymobility series, in collaboration with “La Sapienza” University. “The biggest obstacle here is bureaucracy, but I still will miss Rome, it’s become my home”, Bangladesh born Bikash tells us, “I have to marry back in Bangladesh now, and at this point it’s better I stay near my family, also …

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On contact dance and kinesthetic sense

Contact dance is a way to dance out of balancing weights and movements. Bryn tells us something about it, by talking also about the kinesthetic sense, which is another kind of knowledge. Watch the video to learn more about it. video: Fran Atopos

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Opa opa, Balkanik duo live in TerminiTV

OPA OPA aka INVASIONI BALCANICHE is a project born in 2011 in Rome when the poet/performer Jonida Prifti (Albania) meets the musician/producer Iva Stanisic (Serbia). At the beginning they make parties and musical selections of traditional and modern tunes from their countries including pop, hip hop, turbo folk and tallava. …

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Among pro Duterte Filipinos in Rome

Originally published on our weekly feature on Italian magazine Internazionale, a short reportage by TerminiTV founder Francesco Conte, about a group of Filipino political enthusiasts who support Philippines’ new President, Rodrigo Duterte, all the way from Rome, Italy. Please see the Italian version of this page for a full article …

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