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TerminiTV in Paris: Dancing tarantella in Gare du Nord

In Gare du Nord, Paris, we meet two Italians, Tullia and Mattia, who moved to Paris, where they teach “tarantella” dance. Talking of migration, here are some statistics about immigration and migration, to and from Italy. The trend is clear: immigration is decreasing, compared to migration from Italy. There is …

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The blue angel of Termini

“I am an angel. I fly through the metro, under the street”, says Tiziana, Sicilian born traveler, or rather adventurer. “I squatted all my life, and I’m not ashamed of my body. Yesterday we had sex in three, it was beautiful. You want to see my body?” She goes around …

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A year of Termini TV _ handcraft life stories

Timelapse in Termini: one year ago precisely we pressed REC for the first time. Here’s a timelapse of the best interviews in Termini train station, in Rome. After one year of work, we can already count on a weekly collaboration with “Internazionale” (and soon other online magazines) and also we’re …

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