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“No, sis, I’m in carriage four, you’re in six. But don’t worry, I can spend three hours alone aon the train, I’ve got this huge book to read! I’ll see you directly at Termini Station.” “Ok, you’re right.” I leave my sister in her seat, thinking that she is 19 …

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Me and you it’s all a train

A few weeks ago we inaugurated a new blog on our website, we want to try to write down stories that happen to us, and that people tell us, (perhaps with the help of photos) to give importance back to words, which in the flow of video images can sometimes get lost. …

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Silence, story of a fight on a train

They got on at the Roma Ostiense stop one after the other, in silence. Both of them were looking down and, in silence, they sat down before the train left for Fiumicino. Then he opened a book and his eyes began to read quickly. I saw them following the words. …

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A year of Termini TV _ handcraft life stories

Timelapse in Termini: one year ago precisely we pressed REC for the first time. Here’s a timelapse of the best interviews in Termini train station, in Rome. After one year of work, we can already count on a weekly collaboration with “Internazionale” (and soon other online magazines) and also we’re …

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Andrei and the train marathon

Andrei is traveling 26 countries in 30 days, only by train and a few ferries. From the UK to Romania, his homeland. “Do you think this is still traveling?” “Well, this is not about visiting places, it’s about spending time on trains.”

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Sex, holes and bananas

Yes, the title is a bit misleading, but in fact it’s quite accurate about the content of the interview. But first of all, let’s explain the context of the video and of our “coming out” on mainstream media. We’ve been on media attention lately, thank you, but that’s not our …

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